EM-326 Bt Dongle

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EM-326 is used to set Electromen product's parameters with iPhone. It can be used the same way as EM-236 and EM-268, connect it to a product using red connector. Ementool app is freely available in App Store.

Works with iPhones: 4s, 5, 5c, 5s

v1.1 Added Features:

  • Controlling - Connected unit has to support this feature.
  • Possibility to use access code if needed.
  • Loading default parameters.
  • Shake function - shake sharply:
    1. First screen: Update device list, same as pressing refresh.
    2. Parameter screen: Re-load parameters from device.
    3. Control: Start/stop controlling by tilting.

Check example about using Ementool with EM-241 motor controller:

Check other configuration tools, download brochure here.

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  • 41,00 € /unit